Our Plans

Improving a valuable community resource

Our History

Over the past 30 years the Fine Arts Center has evolved into a much used community resource. The City, local community, civic and educational organizations have utilized the Center for many of their activities. The Downtown Orangeburg Revitalization Association, City of Orangeburg, SC State, Claflin University, Newcomer’s Club, Orangeburg League of Arts, and local charities and organizations have used the Center on a regular basis and many more use it on occasion.

The Center also serves the community as a local precinct voting location and hosts a variety of events including the Kidney Walk luncheon, City training sessions, the Orangeburg Music Club, Wood Carvers Club, Quilters Club and others.

Fine Arts Center Programs

The Fine Arts Center offers a full program of events and activities for the community all year long. During a typical year the Center will present ten arts exhibitions. These exhibits feature painting, drawing, sculpture, mixed media, and photography by local and regional artists. There is usually an opening reception for each show that will typically include refreshments, artist’s talks and demonstrations and are free and open to the public.

In addition, the art exhibitions, the Fine Arts Center presents a full calendar of music and performance art during the year.

Visitors – local, national and international

Since 1997 the Center has registered visitors in an effort to see trends in attendance and to identify areas of interest. That tracking has produced some very surprising results.

In the past 19 years the Center has welcomed visitors from 49 states. Only Hawaii is not represented. Visitors have also traveled from Argentina, Australia, Austria, The Bahamas, Brazil, Belgium, Canada, Scotland, Denmark, Ecuador, England, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Mexico, Switzerland and Wales.

A Heavily Utilized Space

Based on the register, ticket sales and staff counts and estimates, the Center sees an average of nearly 7000 visitors each year.

This level of activity makes the Center one of the most used buildings in the City by the general public. All this traffic has taken a toll on the Center.


The Center Needs A Lot of Work and We Need Your Help

With the support of so many stakeholders, foundations, businesses and residents we are currently renovating the Arts Center. When completed the Center will be fresh, up to date and provide the area with a community resource that will improve the quality of life for everyone.

Our Objectives

The improvement of the Arts Center will accomplish the following objectives:

  • improve the visitor experience
  • enhance the member experience
  • expand and improve educational opportunities
  • bring the Center to the same level of quality as other community facilities
  • provide a more inviting space for all groups that use the Center
  • expand the types and number of major arts exhibitions offered
  • increase overall use of the Center by the community
  • expand membership
  • provide opportunities for rental income

The renovation will help enhance the Arts Center visitor and participant experience, allow us to expand our educational programs and open the door to new and exciting possibilities.

A Look at the New Center

  • Renovated lobby and new community gallery
  • New reception desk
  • New lounge and children’s gallery
  • Renovated warming kitchen
  • Updated classrooms
  • New restrooms
  • Updated elevator interior
  • New floors in lobby, classrooms
  • New music education room
  • Renovated Executive Directors office
  • New security system
  • New main gallery walls

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